About the Nurse

NurseIT is developed by an Australian Registered Nurse who recently entered the Nursing Career as a mature age student. With a strong background development in IT and web programming, the idea came about after realising many resources available to nurses were actually free.

I grew up in Melbourne Australia, worked in a hard labor job upon leaving high school after falling out of university in the degree of Computer Science/Software Development. After having dealt with the body strains hard labor day in and day out for 6 months, I moved to the United States for a fresh start (with the help of family).

Whilst in the USA, I transitioned from Call Centre Tech Support to Satellite TV Call Centre Supervisor Stand in, then back to Australia for a few months in the hope of finding meaning, however that was short lived and returned the USA once again to enter the U.S military (NAVY) as a construction electrician, after that exciting venture picked up a job as a deli server in a local supermarket only to realise this was not going to lead to anywhere and returned once again to Australia with the help of family and studied Nursing, which originally was NOT my idea, however I quickly learned the benefits and rewards of such as a career, and now to date absolutely love the career choice and love expanding my knowledge of everything that Nursing has to offer.